Monday, 27 June 2016

What about me :(

So my long suffering husband has been struck down with a case of Ebola (i.e. a sniffle) and to top it off he has had a lower back issue which has been plaguing him for a while but as we know, life gets in the way and you just don’t get round to having things checked out.

Now a miracle occurred in my house yesterday – my husband informed me that he made an appointment with our doctor to have his back checked out.  I was stunned but relieved as I can see how much pain he is in but as we know men don’t like to be rushed when it comes to receiving medical attention so I just let it be and let him figure it out for himself J

Living with someone who has a chronic condition can be hard, stressful, frustrating, upsetting and tiresome, yeap I admit I’m a pain in the backside, and then there’s the whole “it’s all about the sick person” so when my hubby saw our doctor she did ask “so how’s Naomi”!!! My husband wanted to say “hang on, what about me, I’m here now not her” but no he said the stock standard response “up the shit”  Anyway the appointment progressed and now hubby is having some scans to see what we are dealing with.

We are very lucky to have a great doctor who works very closely with myself and my husband, not only is she a medical genius but she is sympathetic and is a great support to us both, so when she asks about me when I’m not there it just confirms that we were extremely lucky in the doctor lottery, and to my long suffering husband, for once it is about you, so enjoy it while it lasts :)  and here’s hoping you get over your Ebola (sniffle) and whatever happens with your back we will get through it..

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