Sunday, 7 August 2016

Let’s hear it for socks & shoes

Last week I have hit another milestone.

After 9 months of only wearing ballet flats I have finally been able to place a shoe and a sock over my injured foot…YIPPEE and insert gentle happy dance!!!!

My injury from last November has left me with a foot that may never return to its former self and while this has left me feeling frustrated and at times feeling like a spectator in life I needed to come up with a game plan that would allow me to feel like a participant and not a spectator.  My plan was to increase my medication regardless of the side effects and just plough ahead and it looks like my plan worked. 

Now anyone that knows me knows that once I start to feel good then there really is no stopping me, so my excitement was off the scale when my doctor and Injury Manager agreed to me working 3 hours back on the floor alternating with 1 hour admin and 1 hour cleaning on a daily basis for the next fortnight and then review again with the hope of me being cleared to resume normal duties. So I have started my new regime and have found new energy and whilst my foot bloody hurts together with the rest of my usual hurting areas, I find that I can almost ignore it whilst I’m busy being productive and using my body again, but of course I possibly overdid and spent Saturday in almost complete shutdown which I suppose was to be expected, but waking up Sunday morning feeling better I know that my body can and will sustain what I throw at it but I am always remembering the many voices of those closest to me when they say - slow down and take it easy, don’t over-do it and to quote my mum “Rome wasn’t built in one day and it doesn’t matter how long it takes as long as you are making progress”.

While I will always have Fibro and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and many other issues, and that will never change I now feel that I have a bit of my old life back and each day I will push myself harder than the day before because I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to and I as a side note, due to the increased walking I have lost 0.6kg – life is good #mynewnormal