My Name is Naomi and I’m a Wife, Mum, Daughter, Sister, Friend and I am living with Fibromyalgia :)

I never thought blogging was for me but here we are. 

The idea came to me one Saturday morning whilst at a coffee shop having yet another bad day and all I wanted to do was vent, but who can I vent to because really when it’s all said and done it was more of a whinge about how sore I am and how frustrated I am, and I’m not sure if my message would be conveyed clearly through the sobbing, so instead I pulled out my notebook and started writing and I wrote every feeling and emotion that I could think of good and bad.

For a long time I have kept my condition close to my heart as I was still trying to get my head around it and everything was such a whirlwind, and as much as I didn’t want it to change me or the lifestyle that my husband and I were enjoying, it was inevitable that changes were needed to be made.

Now I have allowed myself to embrace it, accept it and move forward.  For a long time I would push through the pain and flog my body because according to all the doctors (and I saw many) and all the tests (and I had plenty) nothing was wrong with me but the diagnosis has given me permission to say “rest up” “don’t be so hard on yourself”.  I am getting better in being kind to myself but I am a Work In Progress J

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