Sunday, 10 July 2016

When you get out of bed

There are days were the desire to do anything other than sloth on the couch, with my blanket and just watch mind numbing television are quite appealing but then there are days where you are present and accounted for and this particular Sunday I was present.

We ventured out as family for a bit of car shopping.  Our Son had finally gotten his P’s and was now ready to put his big boy pants on and hopefully purchase his first car and after looking at lots and lots of cars he finally found one that he loved. 

Life is full of opportunities and missed opportunities and I for one was not going to miss this “first time” milestone.  I’ve never been a competitive person, I’m always happy to come second in the middle or last, but I have found myself lately competing against “fibro” and finding that I’m coming out in front.  It makes me feel that I’m living how I should be and not to the confines or constraints or my illness

So congratulations my son on the purchase of your first car, I hope it gives you many years of enjoyment and memories and I’m so happy that I could share this moment with you. Drive safe :)

PS….when are we doing a maccas run…. 

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