Thursday, 9 June 2016

Control, it’s time to own it again…

I have spoken about how it feels when your body lets you down but I haven’t even touched the surface of “When your control has been taken away from you”

Having sustained a work injury back in November 2015 – buggy ran over my foot, all tests once again showed that there was no structural damage to the foot so all is good.  Well, all is NOT good and once again I find myself having to sit and wait and place my life basically into the hands of doctors and Insurance Companies. 

Now I’m no stranger to doctors and in actual fact I have been very lucky, I have found a team of doctors who help me manage my condition and without them and their advice I would be screwed!!! But as I find myself still limping and having pain in my foot 7 months later I wonder who is actually got my best interests at heart. The holdup seems to be with the insurance companies who refuse to listen to me or even work with me to figure out the best treatment of my injury, so I have to ask the question are they working with me or against me!!!

So, today as I sit in a coffee shop awaiting to go to the first of two doctors, I have to remind myself how far I have come with my fibro and how much my foot injury is impacting my fibro and my quality of life.  So it’s time to back the control and be my own advocate and start telling the doctors what I want and not what the insurance company want.

Wish me luck J

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