Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Serendipity : When you find good things without looking - unexpected good luck has been bought to you.

I have many favourite words but Serendipity would be up there as an all-time favourite.

How many of us have truly experienced Serendipity?  Making it home just in time before if rains and I think, that was good luck that I left work that little bit earlier so I didn’t get wet.  Whilst it was great not to get wet I think that was more about good timing then about good luck!

My serendipity moment was meeting my husband – (yes Q the violins).  We meet in a pub and I was introduced to him by one of my friends. Now at the time I was not looking for anything romantic, I had just turned 20 and was enjoying life and meeting new people, so imagine my surprise when we ended up together that Christmas Eve snogging outside Woolworths in George Street Sydney - yes classy all the way J and the rest they say is history.

Quite often I find myself thinking - at this stage of our lives we should be able to sit back and reap the rewards of surviving 20 years of marriage, and raising two children successfully, but we find ourselves having to navigate through my condition.  Now I’m about to get soppy so if you need a bucket go right ahead because it may get a bit nauseating.

To say I hit the jackpot when meeting my husband is an understatement, his unconditional support and compassion for me is unwavering.  Now I know at times I can be demanding and downright difficult but he just rolls with it, he knows when I’ve had enough and just need to take time out, he knows when I need to go hard and push through the pain and when I crumble because of it he picks me up again.  Thank you David from the bottom of my heart xx

Living with a chronic illness/disorder, I sometimes wish that I could not make it all about me and just for a while make it about the one that loves me unconditionally.  My husband has always said – If you can’t control the situation then there is nothing you can do about it and this is finally sinking into my thick skull.

I didn’t ask for this illness/disorder and really, nobody asks for any sort of illness it just happens just like my husband coming into my life.  We found each other without looking and I’m sure our life together will be filled with many more bumps and great memories.  

So Christmas 1993 is when I experienced Serendipity - When you find good things without looking - unexpected good luck has been bought to you

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