Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Pet Therapy – no matter how small the animal is

I love animals and nothing gives my greater pleasure or joy than hanging out with a furry creature.  I’m that annoying person who cannot walk past a dog in the street and want to stop and have a pat or just a hello, I can’t walk past a pet shop without having to go inside and check out the dogs, cats, birds and rabbits.

Whenever I’m having a down day or have been in a funk for a while, nothing cheers me up more then finding the nearest pet store.  A few months back whilst in one of my worse funks for a while, my husband took me to a RSPCA on our way home after being out for the day, and needless to say I wanted to adopt every single animal there, but I knew that if I pouted to much when being told NO then I would not be allowed back so I walked in and just sat with the cats and waited for them to come to me…I walked out that day feeling the happiest I had in a very long time.  We have been back since and I’m happy/sad to report that no furry creatures were smuggled out under my jacket – trust me I would of if I could run fast enough!!!

So today at work my male counterparts discovered this little creature and I was in animal heaven and yes it is a mouse :) So he was scooped up into a box and handed to me and I promptly sat staring and talking to him for a good 15-20mins then gently stroked him and whispered sweetness in his little ear, sadly my boss declared that no mouse house would be purchased and he would not be a permanent member of staff, so he was taken to a quiet area and he scurried off to find some tasty cheese and other mice to scurry around with.

Pet therapy is the best and cheapest form of therapy around and I finished my day’s work as a very happy worker bee .

All creatures great and small are beautiful :)


  1. I love pet therapy! You are so right Naomi :) I love snuggling with my pet poodle Fifi - it makes me so happy when I'm feeling down or unwell too :)

    1. Oh it is the best insn't it, there is something so soothing and calming about animals and they always seem to know when you are having a bad day or not feeling well - hope your looking after yourself :)