Friday, 2 September 2016

The Week I Wish I Could Forget.....FAT chance!!

This week has been a hard and long slog. What started out as a good week turned into a week fraught with pain and discomfort?

On the 24th August I was called “fat”.  Now I’m not very good with dates and remembering things but being called fat is something unfortunately you don’t forget.  Now I’m not na├»ve to the fact that I have put the weight on and I don’t feel that I need to justify it but I do feel that my weight is something that I need to get under control.  So Monday after work I started my new workout regime with low impact exercises and some weights thrown in for good measure, as I’m not really keen for the tuck shop lady arms and after I was finished I had a soak in the bath and felt quite good about myself…

Tuesday morning I woke up to feeling quite horrendous – my whole body had decided that it was going to slowly but surely malfunction.  I had pins and needles in my feet, my muscles were burning, my head was pounding, my back was spasming, my foot was burning and I felt like I was getting a head cold as well.  Throughout the day the pain intensified the more I was cleaning and walking around and all I could focus on was getting to the 3pm mark and just going back home, I even messaged my husband and said please don’t call me pain is insane and I just can’t conduct a conversation in the foreseeable future and as the days progressed the pain was still there but was settling as each hour passed until we finally got to a usual pain level of 4-5 which is normal for me.

Now that I am at Friday I do wonder if it was from the exercising or was it my body just telling me it’s time to really slow down and just rest.  What scares me the most is that I use to be that person who would go to the gym every day and exercise my ass off, I would be that person who would occasionally go for a run, I even ran the 10km Sydney Bridge run 4 months after fracturing my wrist in two places and enduring 2 operations with a further one a few months after the run, so to not be able to do low impact exercising and to not be able to do my job to my full capacity infuriates me and scares the shit out of me.  It’s not just the fibro it’s the foot injury which is a big part of the problem and from the looks of things it’s never going to get better or back to its former self, so I know find myself at a real cross-roads, and which ever path I travel unfortunately it will be out of my control.

So after the week from hell I’m now following doctor’s orders and only working 4 days a week with Wednesday as my rest day. As for what my working life holds for me, I can’t be certain and only time will tell but for today I feel like I’m through the pain fog and will start back on the exercise regime next week and fingers crossed all will be ok….

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