Wednesday, 21 September 2016

SMART Program

I recently went to an Information Session called – SMART Program (Self-Management and Resource Tools) and walked away feeling well informed.

The aim of the SMART program is to increase our knowledge on persistent pain and to introduce patients to an active approach in managing pain and to help develop strategies.  We talked about the types of medication that we may be on and what type of effect it may have on you long term.  I have already spoken about the immediate side effects of my medication but I didn’t even give much thought what long term effects the medication may have, nor did I really think about being pro-active in having the relevant blood tests to ensure that I am not developing any sort of long term effects now because of the medication – I suppose I was just caught up in the cycle of “I’m in pain and whatever it takes I will do”, so this has been food for thought for me.  We briefly touched on “Is Medication a cure, what else is there”.  This is something that I have definitely thought of so it was good to see that the program does encourage other methods of managing pain but it can be bit of a viscous cycle as I have found.  The need and want to do some exercising sometimes blows up in your face when you spend the next couple of days recovering, so instead of being the “go hard or go home” mentality I need to adapt my thinking to “slow and steady wins the race” and the big take home for me was “once the nerves have been damaged they may heal but will never behave the same as they did before the injury/damage”.  Once this statement had been stated, everything become so clear.  Research has shown that people who develop Fibromyalgia have developed the condition possibly after an accident/injury/illness and for some reason this creates an increased sensitivity to in the Nervous system.

I have been pouring over the paperwork that was handed out at the session and after reading and thinking about the information, I feel that I am doing everything within my power and capabilities to try and adapt to my new normal with the exception of setting myself some goals.  It’s all well and good for me to take my meds everyday but I feel I can be doing more.  I have a one on one session with an Occupational Therapist next week to discuss one of my goals and I have selected the one that I believe will be critical in helping me feel like I have a purpose and will give me back the old fire in my belly. 

Stay tuned :)

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