Sunday, 6 November 2016

Please remove my insides....

My trip to the surgeon was a success, there was not begging or pleading on my behalf. 

I’m currently waiting on a  phone call from the Surgeon’s nurse or fairy god mother and advise me of my operation date or as I call the day I claim my eating habits back, yes the Gallbladder is being removed and fingers crossed I will be all good to gorge over Christmas. The lovely surgeon has placed me on the urgent but not life threatening list (the surgeon is a god) so I should expect a call any day now, which also means I need to pack my bag in anticipation of the phone call, it feels a bit like waiting to go into labour but no happy little bundle of joy at the end of it all – maybe I can ask for my gallbladder and bring that home.

In other news I have an appointment this week for another independent review of my work cover injury.  I can believe it has been almost 12 months to the day that my foot was run over by the buggy and still we are no closer to anyone having any answers – MY doctors have answers and I have moved forward and started my own treatment and have reached acceptance of my resulting injury just melding into my life but clearly 4 doctors opinions is not good enough hence the independent review set up by the insurance company – so stay tuned.

Two weeks ago I got the call from Injury Management confirming that there is in fact admin work at head office that needs to be done, so much excitement on my behalf but then the old question was asked “what the hell do I wear”.  Now not having been in an office/corporate environment for a while I was stumped on the appropriate attire, so sadly (actually happily) hubby and I went on a shopping expedition to try and find appropriate clothing.  As I head into my third week at head office my clothes are “on point” and I have slotted in without any fuss and I have to say I am absolutely loving every damn minute that I am there, it feels great to have a purpose every day and to be working in a team atmosphere but I do miss my station crew and but it is nice not having trains going over the top of you every 10 mins so head office and I are getting on brilliantly.

So I sit here on my bed reflecting on what I have going on at the moment and I’m feeling positive which is not something I have felt for a while.  It has also dawned on me that it has been 12 months since my Fibromyalgia diagnosis and fingers crossed once the independent review has been sorted and once my gall bladder has been removed I can move forward and just deal with living day to day with my Chronic Illness and hopefully my next update will be the obligatory photo of my in a hospital bed drugged up and ready to be wheeled into the operating theatre

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